Comment Moderation

A VoiceThread can be one of two very different types of conversation space. The first is an open discussion where all comments are visible to anyone who can see the VoiceThread. The other is one where comments are kept hidden and are only visible to the person who created the VoiceThread. Comment Moderation is what makes this second type of discussion space possible.

Enable Comment Moderation in the Publishing Options for a VoiceThread by following these steps:

1. Go to the MyVoice page.
2. Click on the gear menu icon in the corner of the VoiceThread.
3. Select “Edit.”
4. Click on the “Publishing Options” button at the bottom of the page.
5. Check the box that says “Moderate Comments?”
6. Click “Save.”

As soon as Comment Moderation is enabled, all future comments on that VoiceThread will be moderated. Learn more about revealing comments below.

Comment Moderation is useful any time the commentary on a VoiceThread should be private by default. Some scenarios include:

Public VoiceThreads
When inviting the public to participate in a conversation, a VoiceThread creator risks getting a larger volume and lower quality comments than with a private conversation. Comment Moderation allows the creator to view all new comments before deciding to allow everyone else to see them. The creator can control the quality of the conversation and the number of comments that participants can see.

Individual Assessment
Comment Moderation is a great way to evaluate individual learning. Have students respond to a prompt, evaluate themselves, or express an opinion while assuring them that their comments will be private. Individual comments can always be revealed later in the case that an instructor wants to showcase an exemplary comment or allow students to see each other’s work.

It’s often important for students to critique each other’s work. Comment Moderation will allow an instructor to screen all criticism to make sure it is constructive before allowing the other participants to view it.