New Developments and Account Changes

VoiceThread has one of the most diverse populations of users of any communications tool in the world. Voice? Text? Video? All of these options are available within the same conversation, each person choosing for themselves the best method to participate. This diversity is by design. We want people to participate in the way that works best for them. With that goal in mind, we have added some new features that expand the way you use and experience VoiceThread conversations.


Support for Closed Captioning is live on both the Web Application and VoiceThread Universal. Not only can you view captions, but you can also add CC files to any video file uploaded to VoiceThread.  Just look for the “CC” button in the top-right corner of any VoiceThread slides that contain videos.


Be notified immediately when someone leaves a comment on any VoiceThread that you have created or that has been shared with you. Just click the link in the email notification to hear the new comment.  If you decide you no longer want to get instant updates on that one conversation, you can opt out with a single click. Simple, and speedy.


Instead of listening to your new comments as they come in, access ALL new comments in a new view called the Activity Feed. The recent comments are listed chronologically by date, time and VoiceThread. A single click will open up the conversation and take you right to them.


Free Account Changes

Free account holders will receive all the new upgrades stated above, but the following two changes have been made to that account type:

  • VoiceThreads can no longer be deleted.
  • Secure sharing is not available. You can still share simply with a share link, but you cannot set and control specific security settings.

Click here to upgrade to an account type that does not have these limitations.