Using Groups to facilitate easy sharing

Groups make sharing and organizing VoiceThreads quick and easy. Knowing how to create and manage Groups is key for any course.

Creating Groups manually
Any Pro Educator or Pro account holder can create a Group and invite other people to join. Instructors may create as many Groups as they’d like.

Click here to download a printable Group Creation Guide.

Groups can be created for any purpose, whether it’s to share VoiceThreads with a whole course section, to break students into smaller Groups, or to share VoiceThreads for a specific project.

VoiceThread Information Systems Integration (VISI)
VoiceThread offers automatic Course-Group creation with the VoiceThread Integration Package. Have your technology facilitator or IT team contact us for more information.

Learn more about VISI.

Drag-n-Drop sharing with a Group
Once the Group is created, sharing a VoiceThread with it is as easy as dragging a file into a folder. Click and drag a VoiceThread from the MyVoice page into a Group on the left side of the page, and let go. That VoiceThread is instantly shared with all the members of that Group.